Tunes Tote Vinyl record storage Paisley parts carrying case
Break Pack - BP4506 - Paisley Parts - 45 Case
Break Pack - BP4506 - Paisley Parts - 45 Case
Break Pack - BP4506 - Paisley Parts - 45 Case
Break Pack - BP4506 - Paisley Parts - 45 Case

Break Pack - BP4506 - Paisley Parts - 45 Case

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Vinyl Record Storage & Carrying Case -  'Paisley Parts' 

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  • Securely Store & Carry up to 50 (Fifty) 45-RPM Vinyl Records
  • Available in 6 Colorful Graphic Designs in 45 or LP Sizes
  • Safety Latch Prevents Accidental Openings & 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • For Storage & Organization of Many Items or as Cool Home Decor
  • Authentic Mid-Century Modern (MCM) Style & Graphics

Tunes-tote’s New Vinyl Record Storage & Carry cases have a capacity of 50 (Fifty) 45-RPM Vinyl Records. These cases are similar variations in style & graphics to those seen on some of the old “Platter-pak” cases sold from the mid-1950s to early 70’s.

The case’s authentic Mid-Century Modern (MCM) style & colorful graphics are sure to turn heads. Designed & engineered with attention to detail to create a significantly stronger, higher quality, & more secure case.

We use only the best materials, strong dual-layer wall construction, wide hand-made hidden rivet-tails for permanent hardware attachment, an exclusive custom comfort handle, and a safety latch to prevent “accidental” openings like many older cases did.

Our cases securely keep your collection free from dust, dirt, & accidental damage.

Each 45 case can hold up to 50 (Fifty)-45 RPM vinyl records based on the type of record sleeve (paper or PET lined), & type of outer sleeve protector used for a Picture Sleeve.

A completely filled Tunes-tote 45 case weighs only 5-6 lbs. so it’s easy to carry your tunes in style.

Tunes-tote cases are also perfect to store & carry other items like: Office & School Supplies, Memorabilia, Card Collections, & other Media. Organize & store; Remote Controls, Magazines, Photos, Accessories & all those items constantly searched for. Tunes-tote cases look great as décor in any room.

Tunes-tote 45 & LP vinyl record cases are available with 6 classic, groovy, & cool MCM graphics

80% of a Tunes-tote case is recyclable, environmentally friendly & made from renewable resources.