Tunes Tote Vinyl Record Storage Cases Frequently Asked Questions

TunesTotes Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get a discount if I buy more than one TunesTote?

YES! Save 10% off when you order 6 or more TuneTotes! Choose any 6 TunesTotes and enter the code save10 at checkout!

How many 45 vinyl records will my TunesTote hold?

Each 45 case can hold up to 50 (Fifty) 45 RPM vinyl records based on the type of record sleeve (paper or PET lined), & type of outer sleeve protector used for a Picture Sleeve.

Each LP vinyl record storage box can hold up to 30 (Thirty)-LP Records however, certain cover types (Gatefold or LP sets), the inner/outer sleeve types (paper/PET lined) used, thicker audiophile & 180 gram pressings will reduce this capacity.

How much will my TunesTote weigh when full?

A completely filled Tunes-tote 45 case weighs only 5-6 lbs. so it’s easy to carry your tunes in style.

How many designs are TunesTotes available in?

TunesTotes 45 & LP vinyl record cases are available in 7 classic, groovy, & cool MCM designs in the 45 cases and 6 designs in the LP cases.

What is my TunesTote made of and how strong/sturdy is it?

We use only the best materials, strong dual-layer wall construction, wide hand-made hidden rivet-tails for permanent hardware attachment, an exclusive custom comfort handle, and a safety latch to prevent “accidental” openings like many older cases did.

What else can I store inside a TunesTote?

TunesTotes are great for organizing and storing lots of things around your home or apartment. To name a few:

  • Office & School Supplies
  • Memorabilia
  • Card Collections
  • Other Media
  • Remote Controls
  • Magazines
  • Photos
  • Accessories
  • All those items that you find yourself constantly searching for!

TunesTote cases look great as décor in any room.

The case’s authentic Mid-Century Modern (MCM) style & colorful graphics are sure to turn heads. Designed & engineered with attention to detail to create a significantly stronger, higher quality, & more secure case.


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